Is Online Gambling Legal in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin remains one of several states to not legalize online gambling, although tribal casinos and lottery facilities exist within its borders so as not to completely prohibit this form of betting. Unfortunately, Wisconsin doesn’t specifically refer to online gambling in any laws; however, placing bets through an ‘wire communication facility’ without first receiving a license can constitute illegal betting activity; due to this ambiguity it can be difficult to assess if legalized betting may occur within its borders but there are certain indicators you can look out for to help gauge this ambiguity:


While Wisconsin does not feature state-run casinos, it does boast 19 tribal casinos and a national lottery as well as several popular online gambling sites. Unfortunately, Wisconsin lacks any regulated sportsbooks due to law prohibiting any such activity outside a tribal casino; however, state officials are currently working on revamping gaming compacts with tribes so retail sports betting will become legal at tribal casinos.

Opening an account on a casino website is simple and takes only minutes, typically taking only about ten. All it takes to get started is visiting your desired site and clicking the “Join Now” icon located on its homepage; next step: providing personal data to verify your identity before starting to play for real money.

Establishing an offshore online gambling website may prove more complex, yet still achievable. Some may impose banking restrictions that prohibit deposits or withdrawals from US banks; additionally, many of these sites exist in countries outside of US jurisdiction and may present issues related to payment, security and fairness of games.

For a smooth experience when gambling offshore sites, only use trusted ones with good reviews that offer safe gambling experience and are licensed. This way you’ll know your money won’t get caught in a dispute and is back with you quickly. To minimize this hassle and ensure the safest experience possible when betting offshore: gamble at only licensed sites!

Help yourself avoid gambling issues in your life with professional help or support groups for problem gamblers such as Gamblers Anonymous and Gam-Anon from Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling. Limit your gambling by setting a budget and only playing for fun, spending more time with family and friends, engaging in recreational activities that do not involve gambling, and engaging in non-gambling recreational activities. Gambling addiction can be easily ensnaring; therefore it’s essential that we remain mindful of ourselves. If you are concerned about your gambling habits or have questions regarding this subject matter, visit Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling or call 1-800-GAMBLER for help and more information.