How to Cheat Slot Machines

how to cheat slot machines

Doing anything to win at slot machines may seem tempting, but cheating the machines is risky business with limited success rates. Casinos have improved greatly over time since this kind of behavior became commonplace; yet there still may be methods that work, though most won’t anymore due to sophisticated scanning technology being utilized on modern machines.

Casino manufacturers have developed scanners that detect whether coins have been reduced too far, using size, weight and magnetic properties of coins to identify whether they belong to America or Europe.

Once-popular scams include using strings with coins attached. Players would lower the string into the machine, pull it back up again to trigger play, then yank the coin out to continue free playing for as long as they desired – but modern slots no longer pay out in real coins so this trick wouldn’t work anymore.

Tommy Glenn Carmichael is one of the most infamous slot cheats in gambling history. His light wand was used to temporarily blind an optical sensor of slot machines – similar to how magicians like David Copperfield or Dynamo create illusions that things are happening without actually happening – creating the appearance of cheating at slot machines. Unfortunately for Carmichael, his crimes led him to being arrested and later sentenced to prison.

Piano wires were another form of hack that has been attempted, to control spin rotation. Unfortunately, this strategy carried high risks as cheaters could potentially be detected if security personnel paid attention. Even if this technique worked successfully, however, it would not be sustainable because new piano wires would need to be constantly replaced in order for it to continue functioning effectively.

Cheaters were also able to use magnets to manipulate old magnetic metal reels of older machines and exploit their exploitative nature, though this strategy was risky as cheaters ran the risk of being discovered by security should they pull too hard on the wire. Luckily, such cheating is no longer possible since modern machines are controlled by computer software.

While it can be exciting to read up on hacks for cheating slot machines, casinos exist for one purpose only – fun. Cheating a machine might seem appealing at first, but ultimately won’t increase your odds of winning and could even get you arrested! Instead, stick with common sense bankroll management practices such as keeping to a sensible budget plan; alternatively if you really want a shot at winning big check out one of the top-rated online casinos listed here for a shot at big success!